Cutting, Machining, and Casting Services

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Cutting, Machining, and Casting Services

Cutting Service

5-axis vertical machining center MX-520

MX-520 has a RAM structure, providing high accuracy as expected.

Maximum work size: mm φ520 × H350
(Conditional: φ710 × H211, φ510 × H350)
Travel (X/Y/Z): mm 630 / 560 / 510
Travel (A/C): deg -125 to +10 / 360
Working diameter: mm φ300
Spindle speed: min-1 12,000 : BT40
Rapid traverse (X/Y/Z): m/min 40
Rapid traverse (A/C): min-1 17 / 33

This machine is applicable to coating and surface treatment of modeled objects, as well as cutting and casting.

  Applicable Materials (Examples)
Resin cutting
ABS (copolymerized synthetic resin), PC (polycarbonate), Acrylic, PVC (polyvinyl chloride)
Metal cutting Aluminum, SUS (stainless steel), steel
Precision sheet metal Aluminum, SUS (stainless steel), steel, copper
Prototype molds Aluminum molds, steel-base molds
Vacuum casting Urethane, epoxy resin (ABS-like, transparent-like, and rubber-like resins)
Plaster casting Aluminum, SUS (stainless steel), steel
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