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Advantages of 3D Printers

Needs no molding dies
Saves time for making molds and is ideal for keeping tight development schedules.Costs less in small production as well as the unique shaped products.Provided a better yield and costs less than cutting products out of blocks.
Provides a high degree of freedom in shape
Even complicated shapes that are difficult to achieve by conventional manufacturing techniques, such as molding dies, can be formed.Products that have been conventionally formed by combining multiple parts can be formed as solid products, reducing the number of parts.
Various materials are applicable
Today, various materials can be formed into shapes, including rubber-like resin with rubber-like properties, aluminum, maraging steel, stainless steel, and titanium, enabling performance evaluation that is impossible by using resin.
Applicable materials:

Rubber-like resin

Strictly speaking, the rubber-like resin is not rubber, but a synthetic resin, which has rubber-like properties, including softness and elongation.
Utilizing such features, it is used for modeling prototype rubber tubes and organ models.

3D printer applicable to rubber-like resin


Modeling method Spray photocurable resin from the printer heads and laminate it while curing it with a UV lamp.
Features Can form models of more than 100 colors and compositions by blending three materials.
Modeling size D: 390 x W: 490 x H: 200 mm

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