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Privacy Policy and Terms of Service of ABIST 3D Print

[Privacy Policy of ABIST Co., Ltd. ]

ABIST Co., Ltd. pays close attention to the protection of personal information.
The following is ABIST's idea about handling personal information.

[Scope of Privacy Policy]

The personal information that customers provide to ABIST in order to use the services provided on our website is managed according to this privacy policy.This privacy policy does not apply to any people, companies, or services provided by them that are not directly managed by ABIST.Although our website contains links to external sites, ABIST does not take any responsibility for protection of personal information at the link destinations.

[Use of Acquired Information]

ABIST uses information acquired from customers to provide various services as well as support related to the services.ABIST may also use information acquired from customers for the following purposes.

1. To make the service and contents more fulfilling
2. To introduce the products and services of ABIST
3. To ask customers to provide opinions and impressions to ABIST
4. To create statistical data within a range that individuals cannot be identified or specified
5. To contact customers as necessary

[Disclosure of Information]

1. When receiving a request accompanied by a legal obligation from a judicial or administrative agency based on the provisions of laws and regulations
2. When human life, body, properties, rights, or others are exposed danger and need protection
3 When a cooperative company that carries out duties under the consignment of ABIST needs information in order to achieve the purpose of using information.
However, the cooperative company cannot use the information beyond the limit of the purpose of use specified by ABIST.

[Request for Disclosure of Personal Information]

Please see the following for the request for disclosure of personal information provided from customers to ABIST.
Regarding Request for Disclosure of Personal Information

ABIST may revise all or part of the privacy policy without notice.
When important changes occur, we will present them on our website and notify them to our customers.

[About Terms of Service]

Please carefully read and understand the Terms of Service of ABIST 3D Print.

I agree with the handling of personal information by and the terms of service of ABIST 3D Print.(Please check the box.)

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