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How to Send Your Data

3D data should be in the STL or STEP format.

Please send your data in the STL or STEP format.If you want to send in other formats, please contact us.

* The STL format is a file format designed for SLA CAD, which is CAD software supplied by 3D Systems, Inc.
It is widely used as a triangular mesh solid representation file format, and supported by many analysis software programs.

Be sure to compress your 3D data before sending it.

Send your 3D data in the LHA or ZIP format.
The size of your compressed data must be smaller than 80 MBytes.
If you want to send data larger than that, please contact us.

* Data over 80 MBytes should be divided into pieces and uploaded in different times.
*If you want to place an order for printing a large volume of data, please contact us through Contact page.

Be sure to check the data for any errors before sending it.

We recommend using MiniMagics, a free STL viewer.

Main Functions of MiniMagics

  • Input and output STL, mgx, and magics format files
    (mgx is Materialise’s unique high compression format, which compresses STL files to about 1/10 to 1/20 of the original size).
  • Display 3D models (including texture).
  • Check for errors (reverse surfaces, poor connections, and shells).
  • Display cross sections.
  • Measure dimensions.
  • Add annotations (by texts and figures).

Other Notes

  • Even thin-walled parts must be at least 0.5 mm-thick in order to ensure strength.
  • If there are any closed internal spaces, please make holes (5 mm or more in diameter) for removing support material.If there are any internal spaces in complicated shapes that tools cannot access, it may be impossible to remove support material.

Download MiniMagics
(External site)

In order to output in the correct size

Before uploading your output data, measure the size of the model with MiniMagics etc. to check whether the size and unit are correct.

If you place a 1-cm cube beside the model, we can check whether the size of the model is correct by measuring the size of the cube before 3D output.

Handling of data we receive

In order to keep secrets, we will securely store the data we receive and surely erase it within a certain period after completion of quotation and printing.
*If you want to extend the storage period, please feel free to contact us.
(Data provided for quotation will be stored for three weeks after completion of quotation, and that provided for printing will be stored for two weeks after completion of printing.)

  • We may refuse to print data that infringes the copyright or intellectual property rights of others or contrary to public order or morality.
    (If you cannot judge by yourself, please request a quotation on trial.Then we will check the contents.)
  • We may refuse to print data that we decide to be dangerous.
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